Monday, June 28, 2010

What Would you Do If . . .

I didn't have to ponder this question for very long. The words came rushing out through my pen and into my journal. The freedom in the answers felt like I was running through a field of flowers, sun shining, light breeze on my cheeks, not a sound but the birds and the rustling of grasses, wide open space and me, totally and completely present.

If I knew I could not fail I would:

Embrace uncertainty

Enjoy the process rather than attaching to an outcome

Dive in whole heartedly

Try something new every day

Rip, tear and mess up, I can not fail, only move in a new direction

Eagerly embrace all that the creative universe has to offer


slommler said...

This is a wonderful statement to carry around with oneself each day!! Knowing I cannot fail!!! Wow! I love it

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sounds like a plan! :-)

Laura Haviland said...

Hello Kitty,how I love your name. : )Fabulous "Kitty Kellie" !!
What a powerful interesting question,I will have this on my mind all day. Thank you for sharing,really gives some great mind thoughts. Your so awesome !!
Sorry I have not been to visit,dealing with some issue that are taking up my computer and art time. We all have health family issue's.haha
Wishing all the best in life.
Biggest dollie Hugs,Laura.xoxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest important question to ponder on, indeed! Let us all take the plunge. We have nothing, absolutely nothing to loose!!! I have been on vacation for 11 days and have missed you all so much....thank you for this refreshing message! Please come by for my new post in a few days. Have a lovely evening, Anita

Createology said...

What wonderful thoughts. If only we could live life with no safety net. Happy creating...

Heather McAndrews said...

As usual, your post hits incredibly close to home! I am very good at justifying the refrigerator dust as more important (at the time) than honoring my artistic soul. Priorities are so easily twisted! Thank you for sharing your Toads with us. I've hit a bit of a slump and seem distracted by what seems like a million reasons not to be creative at this time. Thanks for keeping us on the path by so eloquently sharing your experiences.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello precious one! Oh, thank you for visiting me so quickly this morning! If you want to see the most recent book I have made, please visit my sister-in-law at FETE ET FLEUR. She posted on a book I crafted for her and gifted her with during my visit. You can find her blog on my blog list at the bottom of my page...she has a stunning blog and she is the master of paper shoes.....with lots of love, ANita