Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creative Collage: Portal to Possibilities

Sheri Gaynor outlines a 3 step process in her book Creative Awakenings called EnVision Dream Time. During the meditation portion, I asked myself how I could release my resistance to what is? My mother once told me that happiness wasn't a person or a place. I truly thought I had understood that message but my Dream Time collage clearly indicates something else. It indicates that I still believe happiness is a future point in time and I have turned over the care of my hopes and dreams to a concept. I must be insane!

This collage was put together by allowing myself only 20 minutes to gather images and then another 15 to put the collage together. Working fast is something I never do so this was a great exercise. I wanted to trust the process and allow my intuition to guide me as much as possible. Over the next month, I will contemplate the meaning of the images, I'll add paint, rubber stamps and transform it into my art of intention.

From these images I can see that part of the reason my dreams have not yet manifested is because I have held them in a place where it isn't possible for them to do so. The wooden arch is about bridging that gap between tomorrow and the now, opening up the portal to possibilities so to speak. The page with the flowers is about nurturing those dreams and giving them space to grow into something beautiful in the now. Up until this minute I really had no idea what the flower page was trying to tell me but it makes sense now. It will be fun to watch these pages transform during the month of June. It's going to be fun to get in touch with that little child within who has gone neglected for so long.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello sweet Kitty! Thank you for coming to visit and leaving me kind words. Yes, Nancy's work is beautifully photographed for the magazine Where Women Create, and I believe that Karen's work is also photographed. I can't wait for next week, which begins my summer vacation from teaching. I plan to do more writing, illustrating and paper crafts! I will keep a watchful eye out as you recommend tutorials and such. Have a wonderful day, Anita

slommler said...

I love your collages!! I can see so much in them. A clock...time is slipping away or time to get moving or with time, I will see!! Pillows speak of comfort...or a need to get out of your comfort zone!
Pots with soil...dreams yet to be planted...or a place for you to sow your imagination!
Color favorite color...or seeking to understand color.
I guess you can see, I could go on and on.