Sunday, February 28, 2010

Traditional Beauty for a Paper Doll Classic

Several weeks ago I posted a free paper doll template for your use. I asked that anyone using it, point me to the images so that I could post here as inspiration to others.

Linda of Considerations posted this traditional tabbed outfit with all kinds of trimmings that fit beautifully into a hand made, organza bag.

Even traditional dolls can have dimension added to them with lace and feathers. This also makes a perfect swap idea for your groups. Send the doll with a dress and trimmings and let the recipient decide how to decorate it. Thank you Linda, for this timeless contribution.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Declaring March as Marie Madness Month

Lately, I have begun to feel the gentle kiss of spring upon slightly warmer breezes. Little by little, the days are getting longer and nature is beginning to awaken from her winter slumber. Creative ideas are swirling in my head like whirlpools in a stream about this whole March madness thing. What exactly is that all about anyway?

If March is going to be madness then why not make it Marie Madness. Besides, all those m words seem to fit nicely together don't you think? To celebrate, I plan to offer royalty free images during the month of March for you to use in your Marie projects. I will even have some templates as well as some yummy Marie swap opportunities if you are interested. Check back for more details. If you use the images, I would love for you to let me know so that I can post your ideas here as inspiration to others.

Your first element this month is this pink butterfly in celebration of Pink Saturday. Click the image for a larger view and simply drag to your desktop for future use. Please be sure to visit How Sweet the Sound and say hello to the lovely Beverly. She's got an entire list of great places to get your pink fix today. (tee hee :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Wanna be a Cowgirl ~ TADS Project

The Traveling "paper" Art Doll Symposium's (TADS) Doll No. 4, aka Queenie, visited the wild west this week and went ridin' with Ginger Tatro at the Flying "R" Ranch. Queenie even found herself a new pony!

Queenie writes: Whew, what a trip! I arrived at the Flying "R" Ranch in good spirits and ready to tackle a new adventure. Oh, what an adventure it was! I went horseback riding and got my very own pony to ride. What a blast! I'm taking some riding clothes and a new suitcase with me on my travels now . . . and wonder where I'll wind up next . . .

When I think of the west, I think of denim, red cotton bandanas, brown boots, picturesque scenes of wide open spaces and of course ponies. I can almost hear the sound of the wind blowing across the prairies and smell the wild grasses. The details of this piece capture western life so beautifully. Ginger, thank you so very much for participating in the project. I just love this piece right down to the articulated horse!

To find out more about the Traveling "paper" Art Doll Symposium (TADS) project, click the link to go there. To sign up, leave a comment stating so on the TADS Official Sign Up

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to Bal Masque 2010

With carnival celebrations taking place around the world this time of year, the Artful Paper Doll proudly gives you the Bal Masque. The purpose of this blog event is to connect artists in celebration of their artistic expression through the decoration of a carnival mask. Be sure to visit the attendees of this event (right sidebar) to see their lovely creations.

The proposition of a blank anything, can be intimidating as I discovered while creating my mask for this event. What does one do? In my Scarlett O'Hara moment, I went to bed of course and decided I would "think about it tomorrow."

Ah, but the universe had other plans for me and left me to slumber with a question that seemed to pop into my head from out of nowhere. What would Marie do?

We know what this one did but I was thinking of something a little more girlie. Pink, ruffles, lace, white, satin, ribbon, green, roses, paper filigree, lots of glitter, pearls, feathers, the ideas just kept coming.

The inner voice echoed thoughts of pretty vintage papers, scripted advertisements and aged ephemera.

It must sparkle and shimmer in sublime elegance befitting a queen.

Soften the look with signature finishes of satin, laces, feathers and pale pink roses.

Nature's delicate beauty, her symbol of transformation makes a perfect embellishment.

Paper filagree and miniature rose bouquets are decadent as a frame completing the look of this precious little mask.

I am Cinderella at her first ball, I am Marie, I can be anyone I want to be. See you next year!

This post is also being included as my Pink Saturday contribution so please be sure to visit How Sweet the Sound and the lovely Beverly for more Pink goodness.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Carnevale Venezia 2010 Begins

It begins with an idea, pictures of pink perfection that swirl nebulously inside my head.

What does she look like? What secrets will she hide, behind the flourishes of decorated eyes?

With her mysterious but flirty spirt, she'll reveal only enough to spark the imagination.

Dressing is an art and must reflect her purity of heart.

Nature's beauty does bestow, its grace and magnificence upon the rose.

With flowing skirts and glittering slippers, the magic of her costume is complete.

Fiore di Venezia bids you welcome to the season of carnival in Venice.

Be sure to dance your way on over to How Sweet the Sound and the lovely Beverly for more Pink Saturday wonder.