Sunday, May 3, 2009

TADS Official List (Traveling paper Art Doll Symposium)

For more on what TADS is please visit the "What is TADS?" post.

I thought of an acronym for the Traveling Paper Art Doll Symposium ~ TADS. How perfect is this? It could also have been PADS or even T-PADS but my female mind went directly to what I most often associate with PADS and it just wasn't sexy so I decided against it. Now this is getting fun! I can't wait to start seeing #TADS as a trending topic on twitter but enough of that for now. (hee hee ;-) I'll leave you with some photos of my latest commission as you browse the rest of this post. This should give you an idea or two as to just how artful you can get with a simple paper doll.

Since this project will be open to all artists whether you choose to sign up for my network or not (although I hope you will reconsider that), the "official" participant list will be kept here as well as on the Artful Paper Doll Ning network and updated regularly. If you are not part of my network, I will need a way to contact you for mailing purposes so be sure you either provide your e-mail address with your comment or provide it to me privately. If you are comfortable providing a last name, this is also helpful. No additional information is required from you at this time.

Doll 1 will have my photo on it and will be the only one that does. It will be my opportunity for a little bit of immortality captured in the medium I love most ~ paper.

(NN means you joined as a member of my network)

1. Anita V - NN
2. Amanda H - NN
3. Kellie L - NN
4. Tristan - NN
5. Debbie - NN
(Here are my first five who will each receive a doll and journal to start on her way)

The next five will add to one of the dolls above so participants 1 - 5 will mail your dolls in the same order to participants 6 - 10. (i.e. 1 will mail to 6, 2 will mail to 7 etc.) You will want to contact the person you are mailing to directly in order to protect the privacy of the mailing addresses. If you do not know who to mail to you can contact me.

6. Gail F - NN
7. Victoria O - NN
8. Brinda - NN
9. Barb in CA - NN
10. Renee T - NN

11. Brittany - NN
12. KeKe - NN
13. Tammie D - NN
14. Julia R - NN
15. Kim - NN

16. Ann D - NN
17. Victoria (Puyallup) - NN
18. Margaret F - NN
19. Becky S - NN
20. Juanita M - NN

21. Amy F - NN
22. Heather M - NN
23. Gloria C - NN
24. Karen M - NN
25. Kathy Owen - NN

26. Connie - I (Hawaii)
27. Ginger T - NN
28. Samantha - NN
29. Susan D - NN
30. Kristin L - NN

31. Marie W - Dolls by Marie Antoinette
32. Laura G (Vermont)
33. Lori Shatz - NN
34. Lori Ann Merrill - NN
35. Brinda - NN (2nd time hostess)

36. Kitty Kellie

Do not fret, instructions for what to do will come with the journal. Some of you will make your contributions quickly and some may need extra time. That's okay, pass her on when you have finished even if you finish the same day you receive her. I ask that you keep the doll no longer than a week or so. I know everyone leads busy lives so even if you just choose to gaze upon my beauty . . . I mean her beauty for a week that's fine, just pass her along when the week is up. The participants are eagerly awaiting the chance to add their artistic expression to this project too so please be considerate.

Lastly, I am deeply grateful and appreciative for this opportunity and for all of your enthusiasm and support. This project would be nothing without you.


gail said...

Wow, how exciting about the 1000 journals. I am really looking forward to being a part of this project :) (my name is already on the list) I just was stopping by to say hello. I love your new projectt, she is beautiful.
Have a pretty week,,, gail

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

i can't wait to get my hands/heart on this doll!

KeKe said...

I don't see my name on the list.I wrote to you inquiring about joining, but please, go ahead and sign me up!!
(P.s. I'm already a member of Paperdolls@Ning)


Kim said...

Hi Kelly, I'm a member of the ning group and would love to sign up for this!


MaygreenFairies said...

I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful project,can't wait to receive my dolls. Hugs, Mandy x

Heather McAndrews said...

WOW! What an increadible idea. I really want to be part of this journey. Please add me to your list as a visiting location for one of "the girls". Creatively waiting!

flowersfleurbelle said...

I would like to be part of the traveling doll or the 1000 journals project. My name is Gloria and my e mail is