Thursday, July 16, 2009

Create the Life of Your Dreams ~ TADS Doll No. 5

The Traveling "paper" Art Doll Symposium's (TADS) mailed out the 5th and final doll and journal on Wednesday, July 15th. She is off to Michigan for her first adventure.

All creation begins with desire. If you can dream it, this universe has the ability to give it to you. Artistic journaling and affirmations are a perfect way to begin your journey. This is the place where dreams take shape, where the images of the mind come together through photographs, drawing, collage, paint or whatever artistic means feels right for you.

By creating pictures of how your dreams look, you can create the feeling of having those things now each and every time you gaze upon your journal pages. After awhile, even a short while, you will start to see the things in your journal, take physical shape in your life. What will you fill your dream life with?

The price is right on everything in the store at the Affirmations Boutique, no charge. There is always a wide variety of affirmations in stock for me to choose from, all of which fit me beautifully. You see, this is a magical boutique where the affirmations change to suit each guest as perfectly as if they were custom tailored with precision and sent with love straight from the heavens above as her gift to us. I'll tell you a secret, they were!

This is the place I come back to when I am in need of a gentle word, to outfit my heart with wings or send my spirit soaring. This is the place where I am always, unconditionally loved, never judged and eternally, blissfully free.

I love spending my days following my bliss by acting on all the ideas which spark passion and excitement within me.

I always have more than enough time to spend creating my art.

My art is a perfect reflection of my beautiful self, I am enough.

I am an effervescing fountain of original and creative ideas. Now I leave you to come up with some of your own.

~Kitty Kellie

To find out more about the Traveling "paper" Art Doll Symposium (TADS) project, click the link to go there. To sign up, leave a comment stating so on the TADS Official Sign Up

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