Thursday, May 28, 2009

The 3 Gifts of Doll No. 3

Doll No. 3 of 5 in the TADS series was mailed to Utah yesterday after much fussing over what her first message would be. My journal entry for Doll No. 3 changed 3 times before I finally settled on a theme. What a spirited girl she is to have been so indecisive. They say the third time is the charm so I shall call her my charmed doll and here is her story for this entry.

While enjoying a perfectly luxurious morning sipping mint tea on the veranda, a butterfly landed on my shoulder. She was soon joined by two other delicate creatures, one that landed on my tea cup and one that tried to land on my eyelashes but after reconsidering the possibilities, settled for a nearby rose instead. They had come to awaken me to the knowledge of my own personal power within, something I have always intuitively known but had simply forgotten along the way.

We chatted for hours and when it was time for them to go, they each left me with a gift which can each be found in the elements on this page.

The first gift is this seed packet in which to place all of my dreams to be nurtured and grown with plenty of wild imaginings because today's dreams will become my reality tomorrow.

The second, an eternally blooming garden of delicate fuchsias to remind me to always reach for positive thoughts for it is only through my constant connection to my higher self that all things are possible.

The last gift was this miniature collection of paper butterflies so that I would always be reminded of the first two gifts and know that I can fly.

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Ann said...

this is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beautifully done..awesome.

Paper Cat Designs said...

Thank you Ann. I love how this collage turned out. They just keep getting better!

~Kitty Kellie

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

it is just the most fun ever to see this project take shape, form and color!

Paper Cat Designs said...

Hello Ms. Victoria,

I am having the BEST time watching this project take shape. Thank you so much for the visits. They are greatly appreciated.

Cheers! =D