Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Regal G'Day from The Land Down Under

"It is a basic truth that for our Queen we have within us, sometimes unrealized until the moment of expression, the most profound and passionate feelings of loyalty and devotion. ~Julia"

The Traveling "paper" Art Doll Symposium's (TADS) Doll No. 4 was met with a regal welcome in Melbourne, Australia. Julia Rose of Verdigris Rose contributes this visual guide representing the best and beautiful of the Queen's tour of the Land Down Under. Julia, your contribution to the project is divinely incredible and I am deeply appreciative for your participation in the project.

"The Queen arrived in Melbourne. It was spectacular. She was met by a huge florilla of boats. Her reception was warm and enthusiastic wherever she went.

Color is the language of light. So true is this that can not help but comment on the colors of this exquisite collage. The rich, warm tones of the yellow-oranges, pinks and blues is the very representation of Australia as I imagine it to be with it's bright, golden landscapes, magnificent sunsets, warm turquoise waters and unrivaled coral reefs. The combination can be described as nothing short of perfection!

~Kitty Kellie

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