Saturday, May 16, 2009

Doll No. 2 ~ Birthday Shopping Spree in Paris

Dear Diary,

It's happy birthday to me today and I haven't got a thing to wear! Well, being the sophisticated, uptown girl that I am I suppose this calls for a shopping spree right?

The only question is where? I do so love Rodeo Drive or will it be Milan? New York? Then again Spring is the perfect season for Paris boutiques and intimate cafes. *sigh*

No wish is too great and I am worthy of all the goodness this life has to offer. I think I'll fly to Paris on a golden ray of sunshine. Oh, the sweet romance of it all intoxicates me so as I await the soft kiss of transformation into the butterfly. I might even be back by dawn but don't count on it! ~ Kitty


Ann said...

e is fabulous!I adore her purse and dress..lucky girl...PARIS!!

Paper Cat Designs said...

Thank you for the comment Ann. I love this entry too. Yes, she is very lucky to be able to whisk herself away to Paris on a moment's notice just to shop for beautiful dresses. (tee hee ;)