Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to Bal Masque 2010

With carnival celebrations taking place around the world this time of year, the Artful Paper Doll proudly gives you the Bal Masque. The purpose of this blog event is to connect artists in celebration of their artistic expression through the decoration of a carnival mask. Be sure to visit the attendees of this event (right sidebar) to see their lovely creations.

The proposition of a blank anything, can be intimidating as I discovered while creating my mask for this event. What does one do? In my Scarlett O'Hara moment, I went to bed of course and decided I would "think about it tomorrow."

Ah, but the universe had other plans for me and left me to slumber with a question that seemed to pop into my head from out of nowhere. What would Marie do?

We know what this one did but I was thinking of something a little more girlie. Pink, ruffles, lace, white, satin, ribbon, green, roses, paper filigree, lots of glitter, pearls, feathers, the ideas just kept coming.

The inner voice echoed thoughts of pretty vintage papers, scripted advertisements and aged ephemera.

It must sparkle and shimmer in sublime elegance befitting a queen.

Soften the look with signature finishes of satin, laces, feathers and pale pink roses.

Nature's delicate beauty, her symbol of transformation makes a perfect embellishment.

Paper filagree and miniature rose bouquets are decadent as a frame completing the look of this precious little mask.

I am Cinderella at her first ball, I am Marie, I can be anyone I want to be. See you next year!

This post is also being included as my Pink Saturday contribution so please be sure to visit How Sweet the Sound and the lovely Beverly for more Pink goodness.


Valerianas Studio said...

Delightful, Kitty :-) Especially the ruffles look great! Thank you very much for starting this great idea and blog party, and providing the template!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Kitty deaest,
This is exquisite! MORE, MORE, MORE! What a beautiful rendition of a favorite of mine. When I was in the South of France, I walked into a shop where the shopkeeper couldn't have been more than 25 years old. She was the artist and made the most beautiful Venetian style masks. This is one piece of art that I have never attempted to make, but you just inspired me. Have a wonderful day! Anita

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

This is hands down one of the prettiest masks I have ever seen. You always amaze me my sweet faery friend. I love this day. Thanks for hostessing. Blessings.

Candy said...

Dreams do come true! in a most delightful way.
Just doing a little PINK visiting, actually you're my first stop. Something made your name pop out from the long list of happy!
Loved watching the video on making the tiny corset and I added you to my PINK post for today. I look forward to reading more about you.

slommler said...

Your mask is fabulous!!! Love it!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Kellie! What a beautiful mask!

You always, always have the loveliest posts. This one is no exception. What a talent you are!

Happy Pink Saturday and a Happy Valentine's Day as well...


Sheila :-)

Julie Ann said...

What a beautiful mask, Kitty!! I love the sparkle and delicate embellishments!

Anne Fannie said...

That is beautiful! You will be the queen at the ball!

Nancy said...

Oh, so lovely, again. I'm always delighted to visit.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Your mask is just beautiful! I hit a brick wall . . . nothing was speaking to me. I may be a day late but once I decorate mine, I'll share!

Happy PinK Saturday and Valentine♥s Day!!


Ann said...

absolutely beautiful ! So very delicate appearing and wonderful colors. So pretty!

Suzie Button said...

Your mask is gorgeous and I think more feminine was the right choice too! I love your corset directions too! Happy PS! Suzie

The Artful Paper Doll said...

Thank you, thank you ladies! I'm off to pay each of you a visit to see your goodies today. Happy Pink Valentine's Day.


Elaine A said...

Kelly girl -

As always you blow me away with your creations. This is no exception. STUNNING! I'm in love with it. Thank you for sharing with us.



Lemondrop Marie said...

Gorgeous masque, happy PS!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
OWOH necklace giveaway

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

So pretty .....I might have to try it myself! I love mascarades!

Pom Pom said...

Wow! How elegant and FUN! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentine's Day to you, my favorite spot for paper doll beauty!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy Pink Valentine's Saturday, Kellie! I am crazy for your gorgeous mask! So creative and so elegantly festive!

I love the tutorial! Thanks!

Have a lovely "pink" Valentine's weekend!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Kitty! Thank you for coming by! It means so much to us all, doesn't it, when friends come to call. I will definitely let you know when I make a mask...more than likely, it will be a miniature!!!!

Have a splendid weekend, Anita

debi said...

Ooooooh Kitty!!! Your mask is beautiful, feminine, and romantic!
Thank you for this fun party!

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

Your mask is divine! Love every little detail. Wow! You're so creative. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. Happy Pink Valentine's Day!

~*~The Happy Homemaker~*~ said...

I love the mask!Oh my gosh, it is utterly beautiful!!!And I love the soft pink twist you put on the "normal" bright carnival colors.Very nice:)

Nan said...

Oh this mask you made is beautiful and didn't you just love that mask Marie wore in the movie you are showing here. Actually I have not read that book yet that you asked about on my Pink Saturday post. I intend to however very soon.

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Kitty,
I got my mask done and my post up and it isn't even midnight yet- LOL! Beautiful job on your mask and the

someplace in thyme said...

Oh, this sounds like so much fun. I love the mask, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentines Day to you and yours, Char

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Kitty Kellie....How darn cute is that name?

Your artwork is over the top YUMMMMMY! I love it....PerFECTion..

Warm blessings,

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello, sorry i missed your blog party just getting back to blogging your paperdolls..elegant and so pretty..must add you to my blog list!

Peggy L said...

Gorgeous Kellie, you are such an inspiration, thanks so much!!

gail said...

Hi Kitty,, thank you for stopping by my blog. I just wanted to stop by and tell you I was sooo sorry I didnt get my Bal Masque post done. I took on the project of being in that shop and I had three weeks to create my displays, and inventory. I also started watching my 4 year old Grandson and my daughter has been in the hospital. Life got away from me for a bit! I actually want to still create mine this week. Because it looks like so much fun:) I enjoyed visiting the other blogs and seeing the beautiful creations! I am sorry I missed this fun event.
I hope you have a wonderful week. Happy Creating, (()) gail

♥Mimi♥ said...

So sorry that I missed you yesterday. It seemed like the day just ran away from me! But, with this being ♥Valentine's Day♥ what better time for me to stop by to see your Pink Saturday goodies.

It's been a long and dark winter up here near Canada so filling myself up with pink is my way on the weekend of chasing away the blues - not that blue isn't a nice color, too☺

I ♥ coming here. All the pink and all the girlie stuff just floods my brain and makes me want to do a happy dance right where I sit!

Thanks so much for sharing. After all, isn't sharing one of life's greatest pleasures?

♫Happy Valentine's Day♫

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

Your work is so beautiful! I have just started making paper chains and didn't realize this whole new world was out there.

Fifi Flowers said...

CUTE masks!

Monica@The White Bench said...

Hello Kitty Kellie,
what a lovely mask! I own an original handmade mask from Venice, Italy, actually it was a thrifted find, so I had it for a song!
Many thanks for your nice and kind comment, glad you stopped by and enjoyed my blog!
Have a beautiful rest of the week,


Good call on the Marie inspired mask! Hope your Valentine's day was decadent and sweet and filled with loved ones.

All the best,

Jillian said...

Absolutely lovely! Love it.

Frenchy chick said...

This is super pretty and romantique...Fantasy of mine to go to a ball masque!