Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birth of a Le Jardin Fuchsia

Today is day 2 of my Creative Awakenings journey. While in the throws of my 20 minutes of everyday bliss, I received instructions for something new. My delightfully creative mind gave birth to the dimensional fuchsia. Before I go further I must confess a perplexity over the spelling of that particular word - fuchsia. Its elusiveness sends me to the dictionary every time while one question runs through my head like a ticker tape. Why that spelling? Eckhart Tolle would simply say, stop thinking, it's not important. I like that advice.

That zone of creativity where there are no words is truly a blissful state indeed. I find myself putting things together that I may not have otherwise thought of and it makes me feel like the queen of originality, at least for a moment or two. Working small and detailed is the person I have identified with for so long. I wonder to what extent that will change while on this journey. Maybe it won't. What powers do the fine details have over me that make me unwilling to let them go? It might be nice to venture beyond them, to step back and focus on the panorama instead of the bulls eye, if only for a little while right? The answer is yes, just not today.


slommler said...

Beautiful! And it will be interesting to see where your new journey will bring you?

The Artful Paper Doll said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, SueAnn. It's going to be a wonderful journey. ;)