Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Somewhere Between Tomorrow and Someday

Yesterday I wrote about the inspiration I found in the latest issue of Where Women Create. While I was busy reading the stories, my creative mind was pouring over the cottage style charm of some of the spaces that were featured there. I have often dreamed of having an airy art studio with distressed white furniture, neatly stacked shelves lined with baskets and apothecary jars that would organize every craft supply I own right down to the last micro mini brad. That dream has always remained just beyond my reach because I managed to place it somewhere between tomorrow and someday.

I realized that tomorrow and someday live only as thoughts in my head that anything that ever happens can only do so right now. Without giving much thought to any decisive action today, I ended up at the Home Depot on my lunch hour where I spent more than 20 minutes of bliss picking out paint colors for my brand new art studio. I purchased three tester colors, 2 in the blue green hues and one very light yellow. After putting the colors on my wall, I find the combination needs a bit of tweaking and that's okay. The important thing here is that I took a step toward my dream and tomorrow I'll take another and the day after that I'll do the same until the day I find myself working on paper dolls from my beautiful new dream studio.


slommler said...

Oh how I dream of having a studio like that myself!! Hoorah for you taking that first step. Cheers for many more steps and enjoy yourself and the process!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Kitty dearest! I see you do have the blue bug this season! SO DO I!!!! HAVE A BLAST FINDING THE RIGHT SHADE! Anita

Julie Ann said...

I just LOVE the colors you've chosen!! Everything is going to look so bright and cheery in your new studio! Congratulations!! :)

pinkglitterfae said...

good for you Kittie! that's how you do it, no point in keeping it in your head, waiting for 'someday' to show up. Today is that day, and you will feel so much better when you create your space exactly as you want it.