Saturday, July 10, 2010

Positive Affirmations 30-Day Challenge

I know there are many artists who currently work a day job that is unfulfilling. Statistically, 60% of the work force are not satisfied with the work they do. In this situation, it is very easy to spiral downward in a whirlwind of negative thinking when faced with spending large chunks of our time doing something that seems to suck all the life and creativity right out of us.

I do believe that thoughts create our reality, and that our experiences come to us as a reflection of our thoughts and attitudes. In order to make changes from without, we must first begin from within. Today I am proposing a 30-day challenge that will assist you in getting yourself in the right frame of mind so that the answers and action steps that are right for you can flow readily into your experience.

I am proposing a 30-day challenge in using positive affirmations to begin making those changes. You can use the ones posted here which are taken from Louise Hay's Wisdom Cards or write your own affirmations. The only requirement is that your affirmations be positive statements that feed your soul, nurture your heart and feel good when you say them. Do not be concerned with how the object of your affirmations will come about, just be willing to accept that the changes will unfold in the most harmonious ways for you.

Say your affirmations out loud every night before retiring and every morning when you wake up. Stand in front of a mirror and say them, say them silently to yourself throughout the day. When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, become aware and replace the negative thought with an affirmation. They only real work involved with this exercise is that you be consistent and aware of your thought patterns. Do this for the next 30 days and see what happens. Remember, all you have to loose are negative thoughts.


The Quintessential Magpie said...



Sheila :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Mornin' Kell....this is such an important practice, and I have been thinking A LOT about this. As I am now in my early 50s, I want to live out the second half (I hope!) life as positively and as creatively as possible, making not only my life, but the life of those around me a pleasant and unique and beautiful experience! WANTING to engage in such a challenge is the first step. The other way, a negative attitude, gets us NOWHERE, and I've bee THERE before and does NO ONE any good. Enjoy your Sunday and your new outlook and goal is amazing. Fondly, Anita

slommler said...

What a wonderful assignment! I am blessed to be able to stay in my studio all day. I do not work outside the home. There are times when financially I think I should..but then I go back to making art. I need to get out more and sell "myself" and my work...that is my obstacle to overcome.
So I will take this challenge and see where I end up in 30 days. Love it