Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pearlized Paper fit for Royalty in Papyrus

Sources indicated today that Pearlized Filagree, a light weight, decorative paper, might have been used as doll skin in the paper doll city of Papyrus. Chosen for its pearlescent design and light, creamy color, it is believed that this paper was used in the creation of royalty or the more elite dolls. Archedollogist Kitty Kellie had this to say.

It would appear that this paper is somewhat rare as evidenced by the $4.95 price tag for one sheet so it would make sense that Papyrus would reserve this skin for its most elite dolls such as princesses, queens or even their treasured fairy folk.

Now that I had an accurate pattern for cutting my doll parts and the paper that would serve as the foundation for doll assembly, it was time to begin looking for a decorative paper with which to cover my pieces.

The idea was to find a paper that was not only light weight but light enough in color that it would look like a flesh tone. The paper design had to be subtle enough that it would not compete with the collage and rubber stamping techniques I planned to add.

I found something called Pearlized Filagree on the very bottom rung of one of the columns of paper. It was hidden underneath a stack of other paper as if it was waiting for the perfect project before allowing its discovery. Did I choose the paper or did the paper choose me?

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Pom Pom said...

I think the paper chose you.

slommler said...

That paper is fabulous!! It most definitely was waiting for you dear one. I am glad that you both have become acquainted. I hope to find some of this paper myself!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh I am lucky enough to have a Paper Source in my neighborhood of Minneapolis! I LOVE IT! I just bought some pearlized paper yesterday to make a party hat for my rabbit! Come and see her on my chase lounge at the end of the paper!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh darling Kitty,

You are so sweet to come back....yes, isn't that pearlescent paper just fabulous? I am glad you noticed my bunny wearing her new, crumpled up paper hat!!! I wrapped gold bouillon wire around it. I love paper....I need to get good at my cut-outs; my husband loves them and enjoys looking at them in my lit up theatre in the evenings!

Many blessings to you for an inspiring Easter and beyond!!


Julie Ann said...

Oh WOW! That paper is glorious!! Perfect for your project :)