Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Perfection is a state of mind

If you asked me what holds me back, 9 months ago I would have said fear. Fear of both failure and success can be crippling. To remain constantly in the planning stage is to never realize my dream. It also meant that I could never fail, that nothing could go wrong and everything would remain eternally perfect.

One day back in March of last year I decided I needed something different. Something just needed to change but I did not know what. I work across the street from Barnes and Noble complete with Starbucks coffee, a very dangerous combination for me. 15 minute break? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) What 15 minute break? I just took my lunch hour and it's only 10:00 am!

Artwork by Grace ~ Click photo to be directed to her profile on The Artful Paper Doll

Anyway, I was guided as if by some unseen source directly to the New Age section of the store where I literally picked up the first book that caught my eye. The book was called "Ask and It Is Given." I will never forget that day because it changed my life. Guilt began to lift, I began to see the world and the people around me in a new way and I began to see myself in a new way. I am perfect already! I always was! The standards by which we judge what is perfect and what is not is an illusion created by ourselves. I am, in this moment, the absolute best and most perfect me that I can be! The beauty of this is that I am always in a state of becoming more than I was a moment ago and I can never go back to being less than I am now.

So, by the statements above, I was waiting for conditions to be a certain way before I acted on my dreams. I needed this, or that or the moon had to be in the right phase or . . . . on and on. I realized that to wait until a certain condition was met would mean I would wait forever because I would always be putting conditions on moving forward. I decided to act today, right now, no matter what! Yes, I had some fear but I'll tell you that 90% of the things we fear never happen anyway. So, if you are waiting for that right condition I can tell you it will never come. The conditions as they are now are as perfect as they will ever be. Dive in! Be free! Do it for love of yourself! Do it now!

Kitty Kellie


Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful statement, I'd vote for you, you are perfect! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a beautiful message.
Thank you for letting me join in your artful paper dolls.

luv and hugs!


Paper Cat Designs said...

Thank you so much Julie-ann, for the beautiful words and for your visit. I am just tickled and it is my pleasure to have a kindred spirit with me.

Magical blessings =D
~Kitty Kellie