Thursday, January 15, 2009

Call for Nominations ~ March Feature CLOSED

How often do we take a moment to truly savor the little things that make our hearts sing if only for a moment?

Think about a smile from a passing stranger, a kind word, an unexpected card from a friend, blue skies, fresh laundry, a good hair day, warmth on a cold winter day, the smell of fresh bread.

Today I will make it a point to appreciate the small blessings that come into my life. I will draw them into my being and experience them as I never have before.

In this moment, I will focus on what I smell, what I taste, what I see, what I touch and what I hear. By doing so will I be focused so absolutely in my present that I feel the power of now.

Instead of always wishing for something more to fill me up I will look at what is all around me and feel grateful for the many blessings which fill my life right now. I will be reminded once again of the personal power within me, the giver of my greatest love and my greatest joy is there.

The Artful Elite panel is now accepting nominations for the March feature. Please refer to About the Artful Elite Club for information about who can nominate a blog and how.

Enjoy and happy blog hunting!

Cheers! =D

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Paper Cat Designs said...

I would like to nominate the lovely Lisa Kettell as my lady of the month for March 2009. You can visit her blog at:

Lisa's work is such an inspiration that I could not pass up the opportunity to find out more about her charming magazines!

Cheers! =D