Sunday, April 4, 2010

Are you Cinderella or the Queen?

It is our own attitudes that determine our station in life and has nothing to do with what anyone outside of us thinks. Who are you and which one of these sounds more like you? Are you Cinderella, often putting the needs of others before your own and allowing them to dictate your life purpose? Are you a princess or prince, worthy but still, somehow not quite good enough to have it all? Or, do you think like the queen/king you came forth into this life to be? You need neither a crown nor subjects but you are indeed the queen/king of your life. You are meant to live a joyful and abundant one.

I had an experience this week which made me realize just how powerful imagery can be. Please see the Playful in Pennsylvania post for a photographic journey into one of Bella Rosa's (TADS Doll No. 1) recent visits. Because this doll has my face on her, it had quite an effect to see myself staring back at me from the loving hands of a child. A woman about to give birth, took the time to knit a little dress entirely from ribbon for the doll. She also shared the journal with her art students so that they might know how other artists are sharing with the world. How priceless is this? I truly feel like a queen, rich in love and tender care.

Imagine you are the queen/king this month (and beyond). Walk like you have a cape and crown on and believe yourself worthy of every good thing. Say it silently to yourself throughout your day. Nobody has to know what you are doing and this exercise will go a long way in helping you shift how you think about yourself. Notice how this feels in your body and in your mind. Did your posture improve? Do you feel just a little more confident? Write or paint about the experience(s) in your journal.

This month is about turning yourself into the queens and kings you are. Make a muse with your face on it. Yes, it must be YOUR face. Putting a doll with your face in your journal surrounded by magazine clippings, pictures, notes or drawings that inspire you will be more powerful and effective than using a random piece of clip art.

Click the image to download the PDF file

I have included a template file for a paper doll and pouch similar to the one used in the TADS project. I want to hear about your experiences. Did something special happen that has never happened before? Blog about it. As an ongoing project, I'll be featuring participating members on The Artful Paper Doll home page who blog and submit photos of their journals on this topic as both an inspiration to others to take the first step and as a way for me to give something back to all of you.

Kitty whispers: *Be the Queen/King . . . You ARE the Queen/King . . . *


slommler said...

I am so much the Queen!! I have been realizing this more and more this past six months. And I am having a ball. People are even responding to me differently. And I must confess...I love it!
I have printed out the templates and will try my best to work on this.
Thanks so much Kitty!!
My fellow Queen!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning, Kitty! Oh how I love this all...I just adore Cinderella, and I am exploding with ideas for paper images. Thank you for lighting up my morning! Bisous, Anita

Elaine A said...

Hi Kellie -

If truth be told, I am more like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Books have always been my safe place, my friends, they are where I go to learn new things first before I venture out to wet my feet in the real world. I like to think also, that I look beneath a person's exterior to see the soul beneath. Since I was a child, the story of Beauty and the Beast has always fascinated me and it still does today.



Leann said...

Oh Kitty what a great post. I tell all of my "men" to call me Queen Mum:)

Love to you !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello dear Kitty! Just popping over to bid you a good morning! Happy paper cutting!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Kitty, I can't wait to see that paper slipper!!! Do you know Nancy from FĂȘte et Fleur? She is my beloved sister-in-law and she fashions paper shoes....check her out if you do not know her. You can get to her from my blog list. She is awesome, like you!

Thanks for coming by, you are so sweet!

Bisous, Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear paper princess,

I can't wait to see what your hard work and attention to detail will produce when you feel ready! Yes, Nancy is my husband's younger sister and she is so talented. I haven't seen her in years....but I did see one of her shoes in my neighbor's shoe collection!!! That was awesome! I hope to see yours soon! Happy day....I hope to get to some craft projects and writing this weekend.....Anita

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

I have been following your blog for awhile but have never commented. I think your 'dolls' are just fabulous. I find it so inspiring and might just have to get involved.

Auntie Cake said...

I just got back from vacation. When I got home, I realized I couldn't recall the name of your site (and I had accidentally removed it from "favorites"...) After a day of frantic searching, I have finally found my long-lost new favorite blog, only to realize that I had put you on my sidebar the very first day I found you... (I so think I am loosing it!!! My kids would heartily agree.) Sometimes I just need to slow down!

I love your Cinderella post! I keep telling all the girls that I am around, act like you are a queen and people will start believing it! Even if you don't have the courage, fake it! No one will know. Hold your head high and stand proud. Those few tiny things can take a woman a long way in this world.

And thanks for the sweet template. So adorable, I can't wait for to create something wonderful with it!

I have to go, the minions are staging an uproar!

PS- and you most definitely are "The Queen" in my book!!!

Laura Haviland said...

Oh Kitty how I just adore your blog !!! That is a great question, haha. I like to dream I am the Queen but feel more like Cinderella more.LOL.
I think you are the Queen of Art Dolls for sure.
Thank you for the sweet template, just awesome too.
I get such a thrill from all your great imagination.
I enjoyed your posting so much Darling Kitty. Your face is so very pretty.
Thank you for sharing and have a grand day.
Hugs,Laura. xoxx

Fifi Flowers said...

I would say a little or both... part of me is always picking up after my boys... but they ALL KNOW I AM THE QUEEN!!!