Friday, November 28, 2008

What is our fascination with dolls?

By creating the human form we also recreate part of ourselves in all our perfect glory. Perhaps our dolls have qualities we believe we never had but want because we have long since forgotten that we never lost them to begin with.

The doll is the mirror to our heart and soul. Through the creation of our doll art we can create our perfect lives as we want them to be. By doing so, we find our lives transforming as they become the dream we always envisioned for ourselves.

Our dolls represent possibility. She is luxurious and elegant. She is a magical child of nature. She is cottage chic or modern town girl. She wears our dream wardrobe, has our dream qualities and lives our perfect life. She has no worries, no fears and all is right in her world. Where does the dream end and the paper begin? I'll tell you, it does not end it only intertwines.

Each and every one of you beautiful, perfect souls has magical power within you whether you believe it or not. You have the power to tell the story of your life through your art. Tell the story as you want it to be and magic will start to happen!

Magical Blessing!




Just visiting and saying hello.
I love your new blog and of course your dolls are always amazing!

~ Gabriela ~

slommler said...

Love your blog...I wanted to stop by and tell you I nominated you for an award. The "A Lovely Blog" award.
Stop by my blog and all the details are there about it.
Your work is always so amazing.

Paper Cat Designs said...

Gabriella, it is so nice to see you. I appreciate your visit. Thank you for the compliment on my dolls. ;)

SueAnn, You are beautiful! Thank you so much!

Hugs! =D